Have you ever noticed? Irrespective of age, gender and nationality, every one speaks about ‘those golden days’ of their lives? Why so? What is so special about the past? What is it that makes everyone nostalgic about the good old glorious days?

Have you ever pondered as to why?

It is a known fact that we have developed tremendously in last few decades. In fact, as per the global information available, the development made in last 70 years is more than the development made by the mankind since stone age.

And this is true in every field.

Take travel for example… what used to take weeks or even months is covered in hours today.

Communication – People above 40 would vouch… Getting a landline connection used to take months of waiting. Today we get our mobile connection activated in 2 hours flat

Construction – Buildings are taller, stronger and can accommodate many families

One of the main factors for increase in the human life span is the development made in the medical field. And not just the life span, it has helped us improve our lifestyle as well.

And of course – the omnipotent Technology … that has made life easier for every person who would otherwise spend their time doing physical labour – the farmers, homemakers, carpenters…So many gadgets, home appliances and tools are in the market that have eased our physical labour.

Our life style has changed with time in our hand for entertainment, pursuing any passion or for just hanging out with friends

Can we imagine a life without these gadgets today? Can we go back to our good old days of doing physical labour or doing manual accounting? Sounds difficult, right?

With all these made available for people at every stratum, why is there a void that makes people think about the golden days and get nostalgic?

Are we perennial cribbers? As a race, are humans not capable of being satisfied? Or are we just a a bunch of hypocrites?

Maybe, we always yearn for something… If yes, what is it?

Well… on analysing, I could certainly find one thing missing in present era, just gone out of the window:  the sense of achievement, the sense of pride, the sense of ‘I did it’.

We, as humans, always long for appreciation, for recognition, for self-satisfaction.

The homemaker used to wash the clothes herself and feel a sense of pride that she has done a good job., may be better than yesterday or better than her neighbours. This does not happen anymore. All clothes are washed equally well by machines.

As a student, I used to feel proud when I was only one of the two students in the class that could do mental multiplication of three-digit numbers that too in just few seconds, while others would take minutes even with a paper and a pencil. Today all the students do this easily with the calculator app on their mobile.

When any one puts forward an interesting question, we used to go to the library, search a couple of reference books and find the answer. Check it back with the same person and feel a sense of pride that I have learnt something. How many of us do this anymore?  Open a browser on our mobile and the answer stares back at us. Of course, the same is forgotten within minutes

We can think of thousands of such examples. Except in some of the creative professions, the common public does not get those small satisfaction of demonstrating excellence in day to day life. That moment of pride has been stolen away from us.

Is this the only reason? Think….

There should definitely be more…

The analysis will continue… Till then…

Happy Nostalgia!!! 😊