Microsoft has stopped bundling Outlook client with its MS Office Home/Student version since last few years. Instead the MS Office home/student version comes with Windows mail.

Windows mail, although has limited features compared to Outlook client, the basic mailing feature was functioning pretty well till about September 2018, at least for me.

One fine day in September 2018, the application started malfunctioning. Mails sent using Windows Mail  got stuck in the Outbox forever. Strangely though, this issue was only with mails with specific domains and not with the popular mails like gmail, rediffmail etc… . Stranger still was the fact that Outlook, the other product of Microsoft, was working perfectly fine even with these specific domains.

The issue with Windows Mail was raised to Microsoft in September 2018. More than one person from their tech support team  worked on this issue for almost four months.

Initially, they refused to accept that there was any issue with their application.

The first blame was on hosting service providers. More than one hosting partners were given for testing and multiple domain names were checked, but in vain! None worked.

Then the blame moved to internet service provider. Checked with multiple ISP with no positive outcome…

Then it was my laptop! Entire OS was reinstalled. Antivirus and all other running applications were uninstalled. No luck!

Microsoft technical team tried to play around with everything possible.

My laptop OS was upgraded at least thrice and my account was flushed and recreated, despite me informing them that this issue is faced by many others and in many other devices.

After all this ordeal and after losing precious productivity and personal time for four months, I am where I started, with no working Windows mail client with me …

At last, on 8th of January 2019, Microsoft tech support team finally gave up and clearly stated that:

‘We are unable to resolve this issue for now. If and when we get a solution, we will inform you. You may use a third-party mail application till then.’

Now I am forced to use a third party mail client although I have a valid MS Office license !

So much for Microsoft!!!

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