Dashboard with good business analysis has always been both a requirement and a pain area for many business leaders. This is being recognised by world leaders as a prerequisite for effective and quick decision making. While there are good BI (Business Intelligence) tools available to address this, there is a trade-off expected from the business leaders between heavy investment and a mediocre quality of the dashboards. Besides, even with the best BI tools, the results are not guaranteed unless there is a good investment of time and effort by a business analyst to bring desired outcome.

The scenario is now changed with BIAS – Business Intelligence As a Service, an End-to-End solution that would close the gap existing since ages.

The service includes collation of data from various sources and develop dashboards with trend, predictive and comparison analyses and providing these with maximum accessibility, making it available anywhere, any time and from any device. Salient Features of BIAS :
  • Customised Dashboards/Reports as per Business Requirement
  • Analysis from Multiple Data Sources – Excel to Sql to Oracle!
  • Predictive Analysis with What- If Scenarios
  • Multiple Views in one dashboard
  • Accessibility from any device – Laptop/ Tabs/ Mobile Phones
  • Deep Dive – Drill Down from Dashboard to Raw Data
  • Periodic KPI Tracking based on Real Time Data
  • Graphs from Two, Three, or Four Dimensions of Data
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Scheduled Updates at defined frequency
  • No human intervention
  • ZERO capital investment

Software Management

In these times when there are several applications available for all the functions, why would anyone require a service of software management? Many organisations, especially in the MSME (Micro, Small, Medium Enterprise) segment struggle to effectively utilise the application, that they have invested in. ROI (Return On Investment) predicted while making the business case do not materialise. Reasons are many…

“The application is good, but expects our process to be changed…”
“The application has good features, but is not user friendly…”
“There is no one to map our requirement to what is being offered…”
“Business does not have time or inclination to go through the change process…”
“Too many products to manage. There is no consolidation…”

Lemark has solutions to overcome these issues. We have the following services in this area to help you achieve exactly what you want
  • Evaluate various applications against your specific requirements
  • Customise the applications and tweak them to suit your special needs
  • Develop applications from scratch specially designed to meet your requirements
  • Train your business users so that the applications are utilised to their fullest potential
  • Migrate from legacy applications to the newly developed applications
  • Manage change management process to improve your operational efficiency
  • Maintain the applications on an on-going basis and build add-on features as you grow
  • Process Setup and Automation through ready or customised application


One of the major factors for successful business, especially in the service industry is its people. Right Person for Right Function has been the dream of every small, medium and big enterprise. However, many a times, due to time or other constraints, organizations are forced to settle for something less. Result is – A square peg for a round hole

Training is one of the most vital requirements in today’s world. Training, of course, improves productivity of the resource, in addition, training doubles up a retention tool as it carves a growth path for the employees. Learning is an on-going process and thus training is required at all levels right from entry to top management

VFind4U is a talent management service from Lemark Solutions and we provide end-to end service from recruitment through assessment and training


IT Consultancy

Many firms, especially Start-ups require expert advice in handling their IT requirements. It would be prohibitively expensive to have a CTO /CIO on payroll with dynamic business plans and road-maps.

Lemark provides the unique blend of cost effective expert consultation and managing the implementation of the solution through selected implementer in the area of Infrastructure, Web designing and development, Application development, Network and Cyber security, IoT and many more…

This service comes with three options and depending on your requirement, we can work out the best for you

  • Consultancy at Hourly Rate
  • Retainer-ship
  • Project Based
With a network of solution implementer enlisted with Lemark, you do not have to spend time searching for a suitable solution or an implementation partner for your IT requirement. Be it setting up of a customer service centre, consolidation of applications, or migration from on-premise infrastructure to cloud … Our Services include
  • Infrastructure Setup
  • Software Consolidation
  • Product Implementation & Training
  • Post Implementation Support
  • Data Migration Services
  • Asset Management Services

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has been around for some time now and almost all the business houses build strategies around this. With the kind of reach it provides, digital marketing strategy is not just important but is very crucial for the business growth

However, is this enough? Websites, SEO. Social media campaigns, email campaigns … Will these provide the desired results? If yes, at what pace?

We at Lemark Solutions, bring you this and beyond. We help you build your digital marketing strategy by merging the advantages of digital and traditional marketing.

Our services include

  • Website design and development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Writing
  • Social Media Campaigning Email and SMS Campaigning
  • Content Marketing
  • Customized strategy building

Mobile Application

Mobile applications have become an integral part of e-commerce business with smart phones and tablets being used by customers of almost all age groups. More so, for B2C, irrespective of the nature of business.
Lemark specializes in development of high-quality mobile applications, both from scratch and for the existing web applications.

Our services include mobile app development for devices with

  • IOS
  • Android
  • Windows